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Corrosion Testing

Control Corrosion Effectively

Corrosion testing is an important part of our efforts to control corrosion in the most economic fashion. Only when we are able to predict the corrosion behaviour of different materials can we select the most cost-effective materials.

Eventually, our understanding of the underlying processes responsible for corrosion may be sufficiently detailed that we can predict behaviour without undertaking tests, but that time is probably still a long way off. In addition to this it is used to obtain data for the prediction of corrosion rates, corrosion testing is also used as a part of the process of corrosion research.


A number of standard corrosion tests have been developed.

As a general rule these tests have been developed to fulfil a specific purpose, usually the comparison of essentially similar materials or components in a specific corrosive environment. They are usually accelerated tests, but because of the effort that has been expended by the standards’ authority in the definition of the test, they should give reliable results, provided that they are used for the purpose originally intended.

AMS offers a wide range of corrosion testing which benefit of being cheap, quick, and also the most widely recognised methods of screening the material’s resistance to different forms of corrosion under certain environmental conditions. A list of testing AMS can offer is provided below:

1) Intergranular resistance to corrosion 

ASTM A262-15 Practice B, C and E
BS EN ISO 3651-1:1998
BS EN ISO 3651-2:1998 Method A 
ASTM G28-02(15) Method A

2) Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Resistance 

ASTM G48-11(15) Method A 
ASTM A923-14 (Method C)

Testing to the above specifications is UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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